Camera Q&A: Joshua Wolf Shenk on Powers of Two

Who: Joshua Wolf Shenk is a Los Angeles-based curator, essayist and author, whose latest book is Powers of Two: Seeking the Essence of Innovation in Creative Pairs. Shenk analyzed two-person…..


Camera Q&A: James Payne on Far Western

Who: James Payne is an Oklahoma-based filmmaker and producer, whose documentary work has often looked at his home state. His subjects include catfish noodlers, an environmentally-devastated mining town, and the…..


Camera Q&A: Francine Strickwerda on Oil & Water

Who: Francine Strickwerda is a documentary filmmaker who is a principal in Seattle-based production company, Hullabaloo. A former newspaper reporter, Strickwerda has teamed with producer and filmmaker Laurel Spellman Smith…..